Circular reasoning

January 12, 2008 – 1:54 pm by John

Unfortunately for them, Creationists must rely on nothing but disputations of (supposedly) unconvincing science and circular reasoning to argue their points. While the former certainly can have its value, the embarrassing multitude and speciousness of their circular arguments renders the rest of their statements less credible.

A recent commenter at Vox Popoli said, "If the world around you is filled with things that require and show design, do you tell yourself that those same things are simply the result of random chance?"

Okay, let's reconstruct his point in more of a logic-argument form:

1. A complex and beautiful natural (biological) world would require an intelligent designer.

2. The natural (biological) world is complex and beautiful.

3. Therefore, the complexity and beauty of the natural world required the intentional design of an intelligent being!

I can also add a corollary for him:

Corollary: Based on my complete knowledge of the types of intelligences that can exist in this plane and outside of it, this designer must be a supernatural being that created and governs the universe, divine, supernatural (extra-universal), omniscient, and omnipotent.

Must be nice to never have to leave your own comfortable circle of logic.

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